Volunteer Tours in Kenya

Responsible Volunteer Travel in Kenya.

KVCDP have placements available in various parts of Kenya that would give you an opportunity to participate in one or more of our programs and combine it with tours and safaris to Kenya National parks and game reserves.
Volunteers are allowed to participate in programs of their own choice and combine it with Safari to our unique destinations. 
We ensure that volunteers involved in our programs enjoy a totally unique experience throughout their placement duration all year round. Volunteers are advised to be open minded and flexible to adopt living and working conditions in the host communities while at the placement.

-Location: Various
-Start & Duration: Volunteers can begin their placements based on their chosen program dates.

Qualifications: 18+ years, however ages below 18 should be accompanied by parents or guardians. 
Languages: English and Swahili speaking. KVCDP can always arrange for translator for other foreign languages at volunteers cost.
Volunteers are given the opportunity to choose a voluntravel package of their interest from the options at the left of this page:-

Volunteers are given the opportunity to choose a volunteer tour package of their interest from the options available from our sister company by clicking the lonk below.

Tours in Kenya

Who can volunteer in Children Program?
Anyone who has passion for the children and would love to share their love, care and support that the children need. Knowledge, talents and skills may be required in Early Childhood Development, art work, teaching, food and nutrition, outdoor games, Counseling and babysitting.