Operation Africa Program

Operation Africa Medical Volunteers - Texas A & M University

KVCDP in partnership with Texas A&M University and other University students who have been able to organize a medical camp program in Kenya since 2011. The program Operation Africa offers opportunity of a lifetime for Pre-Med students (ages 18+) interested in the field of medicine, nursing and medical expertise. The program provides volunteers with an opportunity to gain practical skills that can help them to stand ahead of their peers in standard medical programs while expertise to put their acquired skills into practice while helping the communities. The volunteers work in the local public clinics alongside the doctors,clinical officers, nurses, lab technicians among other staffs to lend a helping hand. The activities include practical lab work, helping with first aid treatment, changing bandages and monitoring recovery, observing the expert in diagnosing a patient, Performing minor, major or specialized surgeries, etc. This enables the volunteers to gain hands on experience on real life situations in the remote villages.

Out of the Clinic

More than 500 people benefits from a one day free medical checkup organized by KVCDP every year. The burden of disease is alarmingly high in the rural communities and many people suffer and die of causes that can be prevented or treated because they cannot access proper medical services. During the free medical camp held in May every year, KVCDP collaborates with the Bondo District hospital and Nyangoma mission Dispensary, to give free treatment to patients in these areas. The Texas A&M University and others too, join hands together to bring health services closer to these communities and to create awareness of where the communities can access proper medical care.

Services Offered at the Free Medical camp

Consultation and Treatment including medication, Family Planning Information, De-worming, and HTC.

Beyond the Camp

Experience is further enhanced through adventurous and cultural excursions, including visiting to the Masai Mara one of the 7 wonders of the world, Culture walk and island touring.

Programs Duration and Cost

Because of Operation Africa & other Universities partnership with KVCDP since 2011, the organization has offered an exclusive discount to these volunteers at a cost of USD 940 for three weeks and USD 840 for two weeks. You will not find a cheaper international mission trip. Contact us, a member and junior at A&M will be in touch with you for all the relevant details. Send your email to info@kvcdp.org for detailed and structured itinerary.

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Required Skills?
Volunteers do not need to have any skills or knowledge about construction, as they will mainly be doing unskilled work such as digging, mixing sand and cement, carrying rocks, sand and bricks, fetching water, and painting . They will be led by skilled Kenyans and work together with local community. Get your hands dirty to make a difference.