Shangilia Day Care Center

Shangilia Day Care Support Program.

Shangilia day care is supporting economically challenged orphaned and the vulnerable children in Wagusu village Bondo District of Nyanza Province western Kenya, the day care center help the children realize their right to education. The initiation for children orphanage and day care program grew out as a result of an increase in the number of orphans in Wagusu village and the pathetic living condition due to lack of support once they loose their parents. Kvcdp therefore identified, as a priority to start a child day care program within the community to cater for the orphans and the vulnerable children. Supporting these children has been a great challenge and volunteers have lent an upper hand with the aim of creating opportunities where unprivileged children can have equal opportunity to grow.

Many of these children are sent to live with neighbours or relatives. Most of them live with elderly grandparents who are barely able to sustain themselves.This result to severe malnutrition and sickness, no access to education and children are sometimes being left to find food and clothing for themselves. Some of these children are also HIV positive and without a regular diet and medical care.

Shangilia Day Care Center currently serves 42 children, Some children come from a broken families and are physically abused and what they need is a shoulder to lean on. Some of these children are totally orphans without both parents and other than material insufficiency, they need every one of us who they can trust and open up to like a mother, sister, brother or father. Together in one spirit, and with your kind assistance, let us revive their hope by providing a healthy environment for a meaningful future life.

The Center operates Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Each child is provided with two meals a day, regular medical check-ups, daily bathing, playtime, naptime and additional food assistance if needed. This children program suits volunteers from all walks of life. Someone willing to reach out and inspire hope and assistance where it is most needed, someone with a passion for children. As you volunteer in Kenya with us, your presence is such a blessing to these children and it will really show you what a big difference you can make in a relatively short period of time.


  • Your little help can be of great significance for these children, helping to make their present secure and future promising.
  • Helping the children in conversational English and assignments.
  • Supervise the children to clean up and dress up
  • Supervise their studies and assignments
  • Share their food; sit by them to see them eat
  • Prepare them for schools, check their dresses
  • Design, teach, organize and play games (educational and environmental).
  • Spend time with them. Receive their warmth and affection engage them in creative activities such as painting, drawing and dancing. In addition to this :-
  • volunteers help in the kitchen preparing meals, help with laundry, mop the floor
  • washing dishes and clothes, give those who are sick their medication, tell them stories Share their dreams and motivating the children mostly those who are mentally affected due to problems affecting the society from poverty to HIV/AIDS.
  • You could initiate projects like painting the home, buying more beddings, toys, books, medicine, expand the centerbuilding to accommodate more children comfortably. This can always be arranged and be can be acquired locally more cheaply.

We apeal for any kind assistance from volunteers with a common goal like fund raising to assist in buying kitchen equipments or take care of the feeding program for a month, six months or a year. Your little help can be of great significance for these children, helping to make their present secure and future promising.

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Who can volunteer in Children Program?
Anyone who has passion for the children and would love to share their love, care and support that the children need. Knowledge, talents and skills may be required in Early Childhood Development, art work, teaching, food and nutrition, outdoor games, Counseling and babysitting.