Medical/Health Program

Volunteer in Medical/Health Program in Kenya.

Working in the health program offers a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to become familiar with the challenges and health issues of developing countries. The Government and non-governmental organizations run a number of different health facilities, hospitals, maternity clinics, children's hospitals, HIV/AIDS wards, and alternative-medicine clinics in many towns and small rural villages.

Volunteer in the medical and healthcare program, volunteers support the local health providers. Work ranges from consultation to treatment depending on the level of medical knowledge, experience, and skills. As a volunteer you will work with a local healthcare center within a given community.

Program Objectives.

  • To improve healthcare services to the rural communities
  • To offer health care education to the underprivileged communities.
  • To offer support to the understaffed rural healthcare centers.
  • To improve the health delivery services of the traditional healthcare providers
  • To offer volunteers an opportunity to discover practical and innovative healthcare practice and first aid application with little or no resources at the health care centers.
  • To create a link between the volunteer and the local rural communities for future health assistance
  • To promote cross cultural understanding

Volunteer's responsibilities.

  • Attending to out-patients and in-patients
  • Changing bandages and monitoring recovery.
  • Conducting simple medical checkups
  • Distributing meals to the in-patients
  • Helping with first aid treatment.
  • Observing the expert in diagnosing a patient.
  • Recommending treatment.
  • Performing minor, major or specialized surgeries, etc.
  • Provide education on sanitation, food and nutrition

Volunteer benefits.

  • An opportunity to restore a persons health.
  • Pre-med students will benefit from psychological preparations prior to taking up their medical courses.
  • The qualified medical students will have a practical opportunity to use their acquired knowledge.
  • Opportunity to make friends with people from different background.
  • Volunteers will be awarded a certificate of participation at the end of their placement.

Program Duration.

Program is opened to volunteers all year round. Volunteers can spend from two weeks onwards on the program.

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Who can volunteer in Medical/Health Program?
Medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical and sciences students and pre-med students. You can volunteer as a group or an individual.