Sponsor a Child in Kenya

Support a Child in Kenya.

There are a huge number of children in Kenya who are either partially or totally orphaned and vulnerable due to HIV-AIDS in Kenya, they dont get basic neccessities like food clothing access to education and even shelter. They suffer the cruelty of both freezing cold and hot sun. Due to poor living conditions that their widowed parents and unable guardians subject them to, these children die of malnutrition and lack of access to medical or emotional care. The nature of our hearts can bring a significant change to our environment, more especially to the people we see around but dont necessarily live with.

You can make the world a better place to live in by being a child's hope and reason for love and belonging in this world. Be a loving and kind-hearted family or individual to support a child. Your donation and support would highly be appreciated however small. Your participation in an activity to support a child left vulnerable or orphaned by HIV-AIDS would also act as a way of fighting hunger and alleviating poverty

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Who can volunteer in Children Program?
Anyone who has passion for the children and would love to share their love, care and support that the children need. Knowledge, talents and skills may be required in Early Childhood Development, art work, teaching, food and nutrition, outdoor games, Counseling and babysitting.