Volunteer Programs by KVCDP

Looking for Volunteer work in Kenya, Join Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project. Volunteer work in Kenya community program, giving your time, share your passion, learn the traditional way of living and Kenyan culture while making a difference to the Kenya communities.


Day Care & Orphanage

Volunteer in Children Program is the most precious gift on earth and we have a responsibility to enhance these childrens growth and development. . More Details

Teaching Programs in Schools

We have a variety of teaching programs that educate both children and youth in various capacities.. More Details

Environmental Conservation

The Kenyan economy relies heavily on the countrys natural resources both in terms of peoples livelihoods and as a contribution to national income.. More Details


Medical/Health Program

Even though greater efforts to improve health service delivery, especially the health of women and children is being observed.. More Details


Volunteer in Youth Program

If you have a love for sports and a little sporting ability, then you could play an important part in the personal development of young Kenyans.. More Details

Volunteer HIV/Aids Program

Volunteer to educate, care and support the affected and infected people and conduct campaigns on awareness creation for the youth on the preventive measures of HIV/AIDS..More Details


VolunTravel in Kenya

Volunteers are given the opportunity to choose a volunTravel package of their interest from the options available when you click details section. . More Details

Volunteer Internship

volunteer internship Kenya placement options are available in teaching, health care, Social work, human right, Environment, Infrustrucrure, Agriculture just to name but a few.. More Details

Volunteer Start Dates

Applications should be received at least two weeks in advance to organize a volunteer work placement and accommodation for the volunteers. .. More Details


Operation Africa Volunteers

KVCDP in partnership with Texas A&M University students who have been able to organize a medical camp program in Kenya for the last four years. . More Details

Shangilia Day Care Center

Shangilia day care is supporting economically challenged orphaned and the vulnerable children in Wagusu village Bondo District of Nyanza Province western Kenya.. More Details

Support a Child in Kenya

There are a huge number of children in Kenya who are either partially or totally orphaned and vulnerable due to HIV-AIDS in Kenya, they dont get basic neccessities like food clothing access to education and even shelter.. More Details


KVCDP have been running volunteering programs, medical work camps in Kenya since 2005. We have so far handled over 5000 happy volunteers from all walks of life who share our vision that together we can make a difference. KVCDP offers you unique volunteer placements to work on short, medium or long term basis focusing on cultural diversity, environmental education and community development. Explore this great volunteer placements opportunity while serving underprivileged communities, orphans and vulnerable children women and youth groups in Kenya. We welcome you to be part of our volunteer Program and make a difference.

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