HIV/AIDS Program

Volunteer in HIV/AIDS program in Kenya

This is an excellent volunteer opportunity for volunteers to work at special clinics with HIV/AIDS patients. The volunteers will directly work with local community based organizations providing support, counseling and testing services. 
As you volunteer in Kenya you are provided with an opportunity to participate in various fields including: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), Behaviour Change Communication (BCC), Home Based Care (HBC), HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC) and Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling (PITC) services.

The prevalence of HIV infections varies greatly across the 8 provinces. The estimated population of adults ages 15 to 64 years in 2007 was 20 millions, according to Government projections from 2006. With a national HIV of 7.1%, Kenya has an estimated 1.4million adults living with HIV in 2007. About 1million adults living in the rural areas were infected with HIV translating to 70% of all HIV infections in the country while 400,000 adults living in urban areas were infected with HIV constituting 30% of all HIV infections in the country. However according to UNAIDS & WHOs report on global epidemics 2009, indicates that in Kenya HIV prevalence total (percentage of population ages 15-49) was 6.3. Its highest value over the past 19 years was 10.50 in 1997 while its lowest value was 3.90 in 1990. 

Despite Government and other relevant NGO's intervention, the rate of HIV infection in Kenya is still rising. The need for expansive knowledge to effectively control, manage and provide support for those affected and infected by the disease and preventive measures of new infections is urgent.

Program Objectives

  • To educate, care and support the affected and infected people. -To conduct campaigns on awareness creation for the youth on the preventive measures of HIV/AIDS.
  • To expand the volunteers knowledge on the socio-economic impacts associated with HIV/AIDS to enhance global action and awareness.
  • To help people living with HIV/ADIS improve their living standards by initiating a more sustainable Income Generating Activities.
  • To enhance networking between volunteers and the beneficiary communities on HIV/AIDS issues. -To offer volunteers deeper understanding and experience of other cultures and economies.

Volunteer's responsibilities

  • Provide care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and affected children
  • Engage in educational and training activities meant to increase awareness and stop new infections of HIV/AIDS in the Kenyan communities.
  • Home visits to the OVCs and people living with HIV/AIDs
  • Sensitize the communities on living and working comfortably with the people living with HIV/AIDs to reduce the impact of stigma.

How will you benefit from volunteering in this program?

  • You will be proud of yourself for positively affecting someone's life in your own means to change.
  • You will discover more about yourself and what you are capable of doing on your own which will definitely help you in making many vital decisions like your future career etc.
  • You will experience a true and pure culture of a different kind in different communities.
  • You will enhance your knowledge in life, society, learn more about HIV/AIDS disease and its effects on people.
  • Opportunity to make friends with people from different background.
  • An opportunity to acquire more data on HIV/AIDS for effective interventions.
  • Volunteers will be awarded a certificate of participation at the end of their placement.

Program Duration and Dates

HIV/AIDS Program is open to volunteers all year round. Volunteers can spend a minimum of two weeks to one year on the program.

How can a volunteer instantly identify his/her contributions after participation?

  • You will be able to monitor the progress of various focus group discussions with PLWHA
  • By the number of those who are counseled and tested
  • Initiated or improved Income Generating Activity projects during your placement
  • Created interpersonal relationships with the community
  • By the number of households sensitized on food and nutrition
  • Carried out educational programs on HIV/AIDS awareness and focus group discussions especially among the students and youth.

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Who can volunteer in Children Program?
Anyone who has passion for the children and would love to share their love, care and support that the children need. Knowledge, talents and skills may be required in Early Childhood Development, art work, teaching, food and nutrition, outdoor games, Counseling and babysitting.