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KVCDP Partners.

Support Shangilia Children's Center
Help provide medical care for the children of Wagusu!
Contact Anna Beth by email @iheartafrica2012@gmail.com, or phone @ 434-607-5938.

Operation Africa -4 
This is a group for everyone who is interested in going on Operation Africa-4 this summer!! All of the WorldMed officers are a part of the group along with our friends in Kenya! Jacky, Albert, and Wilfred are our KVCDP contacts, and Sister Beatrice is a nurse living in the community you will be volunteering in! I am sure they will gladly answer any questions you may have about the trip!! This Facebook group is here for you to more easily plan your trip dates/flights as a group and to ask questions! I will also try and post all PowerPoint presentations from our meetings to the page so you can continue to stay updated.

A project committed to helping children in Wagusu-Kenya -In Wagusu, Kenya, the daily lives of young children bear no resemblance to those of youngsters over here; a significant number of them are orphaned and lack access to education.

Community Engagement Project in Kenya (PECK) is a project whose main purpose of helping orphans living in miserable conditions Wagusu, Kenya.

African Home Adventure Ltd
Kenya and Tanzania Tour Operator

Enchoro Wildlife Camp Masai Mara
Semi Luxury Budget Tented Camp in Masai Mara Kenya

Day Care & Orphanage

Volunteer in Children Program is the most precious gift on earth and we have a responsibility to enhance these childrens growth and development. Full Info

Teaching Programs in Local Schools

We have a variety of teaching programs that educate both children and youth Full Info

Environmental Conservation

The Kenyan economy relies heavily on the countrys natural resources both in terms of peoples livelihoods and as a contribution to national income Full Info

Medical/Health Program

Even though greater efforts to improve health service delivery, especially the health of women and children is being observed Full Info

Volunteer in Youth Program

If you have a love for sports and a little sporting ability, then you could play an important part in the personal development of young Kenyans Full Info

Volunteer Travel in Kenya

Volunteer travel in Kenya is taking short, mid or long term break to travel abroad while volunteering to make a difference in people Full Info

Who can volunteer in Children Program?
Anyone who has passion for the children and would love to share their love, care and support that the children need. Knowledge, talents and skills may be required in Early Childhood Development, art work, teaching, food and nutrition, outdoor games, Counseling and babysitting.