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    KVCDP offers volunteer in kenya internship opportunities in community development projects for support and cross cultural exchange with the help of local and international volunteers.

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    KVCDP Community resource Center 'shangilia day care' is supporting orphaned and the vulnerable children in Wagusu village Bondo District of Nyanza Province in western Kenya. Sponsor a child Now!

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    KVCDP offers volunteer in kenya opportunities to work in short, medium or long term placements focusing on health programs, environmental education and community development.

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    KVCDP in parnership with Texas A&M University students has been able to organize a medical camp program in kenya for the last three years on program operation Africa volunteers.

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Connect With Us!

Become a true citizen of the world through our local volunteering programs. kvcdp programs let you break out of the normal tourist travel and make a real, lasting change on your volunteer adventures abroad.

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Why Volunteer?

When you volunteer in kenya, you are giving something back to the kenya communities by lending a helping hand to people and the organization that is in need of your support. Volunteer in Kenya and challenge yourself.

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Meaningful Travel

KVCDP volunteer programs are open to all volunteers with the same spirit and welcome volunteers from all walks of life who wish to come to Kenya to share our commitment and care in supporting vulnerable communities.

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Football Coaching in Kenya.

In addition to the obvious physical and mental benefits that regular exercise provides, there are many inherit life-skills to be learned, such as the importance of team-work, communication and discipline. As volunteers participate on sports projects, it is a way for KVCDP to promote peace, unity and development and also to harness the potential in many young children to take to professional football as a career. Volunteers will help in developing passion for sports such as football, basketball, volleyball etc. among school and community kids. Volunteers will also assists in coaching training drills, coordinating skills, and organizing competitions among sports men and women. This project involve placement at a local school or with a local football club.

Volunteers will help in developing passion in sports like football, basketball, volleyball etc among school and community kids. Volunteers will assists in training drills, coordinating skills and organizing competitions among sports men and women.

PROJECT DURATION: Always open all year round and can spend a minimum of 2 weeks.

Typically volunteers are accommodated with a host family. Basically, there are three meals a day which are mostly breakfast, lunch and dinner but in some exceptions you could be provided with just two meals a day depending on your project locations so please we advice prospective volunteers make provision for the exceptions.

Set of jerseys, keepers gloves, footballs, boots, whistles and other sporting staff.

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