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    Shangilia day care center is supporting orphaned and the vulnerable children in Wagusu village Bondo District, Siaya County of Nyanza Province in western Kenya. Volunteer with children in Kenya!

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    Kvcdp offers volunteer in kenya internship opportunities in community development projects for support and cross cultural exchange with the help of local and international volunteers

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    Explore the wonders of Kenya as you serve to help improve the livelihoods of the less fortunate people in Kenya. Choose to sample some of kenya's top adventure safari packages.

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    Kvcdp in parnership with Texas A&M University students has been able to organize a free medical work camp program in kenya for the last four years on program operation Africa volunteers.

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Heart in Hand With Voluntary Work in Kenya

Connect With Us!

Become a true citizen of the world through kvcdp volunteering programs. kvcdp volunteer programs let you break out of the normal tourist travel and make a real, lasting change on your volunteer abroad in Kenya programs

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Why Kvcdp ?

Kvcdp have been running volunteering programs, medical work camps in Kenya since 2005. We have so far handled over 5000 happy volunteers from all walks of life who share our vision that together we can make a difference

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Meaningful Travel

Kvcdp volunteer programs are open to all volunteers with the same spirit and welcome volunteers from all walks of life who wish to come to Kenya to share our commitment and care in supporting vulnerable communities.

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Opportunities Available

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Donate to Sponsor a Child

With your generosity to contribute in a bid to rekindle the lives of these orphaned children, together we can give hope for a life worth living in this universe.Your funding and donations will be directed to the specific things they are meant for as you advise. In addition to sustaining vulnerable life, extended donations help support caretakers of these children to start a small business to empower them economically.

If you feel touched in your heart to contribute towards this, kindly make your cheque out to Kenya Voluntary & Community Development Project and explain how you would like your money to be spent. We shall send you the feed back together with a financial report on how your donation has been spent.

If you would like to support a specific child, We can connect you to the right desperately needy orphan. Please make an inquiery for a more detailed information
email - jacky@kvcdp.org